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NTE Electronic Inc J-025 NTE Electronic Inc J-060 Marksman Mini Iron (12 Watt); Part Number: SP12
25 WATT ELECTRIC CORDED SOLDERING IRON 60 WATT ELECTRIC CORDED SOLDERING IRON Weller is known world-wide for their high quality soldering irons. This is their Marksman Mini Soldering Iron that has a power rating of 12 Watts. This is another one of their smaller irons but do not pass up this iron because of its size. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for traveling, and fitting in your hand comfortably. This model has replaceable nickel-plated tips (IMPORTANT TO ONLY USE WELLER TIPS). It is also equipped with a stainless steel barrel, and heat and impact resistant handle. This is a tough soldering iron that has a long tool life.
Battery Powered Soldering Iron Kit; Part Number: BP650MP SOLDERING CONSUMER IRONS LED; Part Number: WLIR3012A Battery Powered Soldering Iron ; Part Number: WLIBA4
Forget being restricted by a power cord. Weller's Battery Powered Soldering Iron Kit allows you to solder where ever without being restricted to that short power cord. The cordless soldering iron only takes 30 seconds to heat up. It comes equipped with a light indicator that allows you to know when you iron is on. This is the perfect piece of soldering equipment when portability is a must. This is Weller's LED Soldering Iron with 30 Watts (120 Volts). Weller is a leader in the soldering industry and this iron shows why. Weller has equipped 360 LED lights so you can always see what you are doing, and with its ergonomic triangle style handle, you have superior tip control. With this iron, you will be able to get the job done no matter the work environment. Solder on-the-go with Weller's Cordless Soldering Iron. 4.5W AA battery-power enables you to solder anywhere, at any time, with cordless operation. With its 38 second heat-up and the ability to easily swap out batteries, it's perfect for your soldering tasks.
Weller Marksman Soldering Iron with LEDs; 80 Watts; Part Number: SP80NUS Universal Soldering GunB Kit, 140/100 Watts, 120V ; Part Number: 9400PKS Pencil Thin Soldering Iron, 12 Watts, 120V; Part Number: WM120
Weller has made their name by designing and manufacturing top quality soldering irons. This Weller's Soldering Iron (SP80NUS) is equipped with 3 LED's, has a power output of 80 Watt, and a voltage rating of 120 Volts. The (SP80NUS) Soldering Iron is a heavy-duty tool that has a maximum working temperature of 900 Degrees Fahrenheit that will make you solder with ease. The LEDs provide more illumination for soldering accuracy. The iron is specially designed with a soft grip and ribbed handle for comfort and superior handling.
Weller's Universal Soldering Gun Kit with an output power of 140/100 Watts and voltage rating of 120V. This is a dual-heat gun and has a pistol grip design for soldering with ease. It has 2 different trigger positions.The first position is high power and the second is low output. This kit includes 3 tips, solder, solder aid and case. This is Weller's Pencil Thin Soldering Iron with a power output of 12 Watts, a voltage rating of 120V. With its lightweight, pencil thin design, makes this an extremely versatile soldering iron. Even though it is small iron, it has a working temperature of 800 Degrees Fahrenheit making soldering miniature components feel like a breeze.
50 watt Soldering Pencil for WES51 Soldering Station; Part Number: PES51 Master Appliance UT-40SI 40 Watt Soldering Station; Part Number: WLC100
UT-40SI Ultratorch
Our Price: $68.98
Another one of Weller's top quality soldering tools. This is a 50 Watt Soldering Pencil (PES51) for the WES51 Soldering Station. This soldering pencil has a nichrome wound heating element and is ceramic and fiberglass insulated. Weller also made this iron with a non-burnable rubber cord for safety. The UT-40Si is a high quality Ultratorch by Master Appliance. It comes with a hot air tip, a soldering tip and a protective cap to keep your tips safe and to prolong their tip lives. This heat tool is powered with butane which gives you the convenience of portability by not being tied down to a cord. The UT-40Si is both a soldering iron as well as a flameless heat tool. It has a slide switch ignition for quick and dependable ignition. You can adjust the temperature all the way up to 1200 Degrees Fahrenheit. This is Weller's 40 Watts Soldering Station that's perfect for people who deal with a lot soldering. This easy to use soldering station has an on and off switch with a indicator light when the station is on. The station comes with a high-quality lightweight round soldering pencil. The station comes equipped with a sponge tip cleaning pad. The pencil has cushioned foam grips and the ability to replace heating elements. It comes with an iron-plated, copper ST3 tip. This is versatile soldering station and its cheap price makes this station the ideal choice.
Professional Soldering Gun, 260/200 Watts, 120V; Part Number: D550 Professional Soldering Gun Kit, 260/200 Watts, 120V; Part Number: D550PK Marksman Soldering Iron with Illumination, 175 Watt; Part Number: SP175
This is another Weller Professional Soldering Gun with dual-heat that produces 260/200 Watts, and a voltage rating of 120v. This is truly a heavy-duty soldering gun. It is designed with a Pistol Grip that feels good in the hand and can heat up and be ready to use in just 6 seconds! Has two different head modes. High output happens when you select the trigger in the first position and to get low output mode, you switch to the second trigger position. The soldering gun is equipped with twin lights to illuminate while you work. It also comes with a high efficiency, heavy gauge tin-plated copper tip.
This is another one of Weller's top quality Professional Soldering Gun Kits. The soldering gun has the ability to operate at a high power of 260 Watts, and at a lower output of 200 Watts; It also has a voltage rating of 120 V. In order to operate at the high power mode, simply select the first trigger position, and then switch to the second trigger position to operate at a low output. The Pistol Grip design allows for comfort and tip control. This soldering gun quickly heats up and is ready to be used in just 6 seconds! The Gun comes with a heavy gauge, high efficiency, tin-plated copper tip. This Solder Gun Kit can be used in a wide variety of electronic tasks.
This is a high quality Weller Marksman Soldering Iron that has a power output of 175 Watts and has an operating temperature of 900 Degrees Fahrenheit. Weller specially designed this iron to have durable heater technology, meaning fast heat-up time that is constantly reliable. Comes with a MTG40 soldering tip. The iron has a heavy duty consumer iron that makes it heat and impact resistant, resulting in a long tool life.

Master Appliance UT-50 Industrial Soldering Gun 300/200 Watts, 120V ; Part Number: D650 Soldering Iron with CT5A7 Tip, 60 Watt, 120v, 700 degrees Fahrenheit, 3-wire ; Part Number: W60P3
The UT-50 is a popular Ultratorch Soldering Iron, Flameless Heat Tool and Butane Torch. It comes with a soldering and heat tip as well as a protective cap providing tip safety when not in use. With the tool being butane powered and pen-sized, you get the convenience of portability. There are many other tips that can be used with the UT-50 Ultratorch making it versatile for different applications. It operates for 20 minutes when set on the #3 setting. UL and GS/TUV listed for safety. This ultratorch is perfect for pinpointing heat, repairing vinyl, removing surface mount components, soldering and desoldering, heat shrink tubing, spot drying, and torching materials.
This is the most heavy duty soldering that Weller manufactures. With 300 or 200 Watt output makes this soldering gun the highest power output in Weller's line up. You use the 300 watts by being in the first trigger position and the 200 Watts by switching to the second trigger position.
Weller Electric Soldering Iron with CT5A7 Tip, a power output of 60 Watts, a voltage rating of 120v and a operating temperature of 700 Degrees Fahrenheit. Weller uses its closed loop technology to control the maximum tip temperature on this iron. With a stainless steel modular plug-in heater, this soldering iron has superior efficiency and a wider variety of electronic uses, which makes this model extremely versatile. This powerful tool can heat up to the working temperature of 700 Degrees Fahrenheit in only 110 seconds. This soldering iron uses the CT series tips.
Master Appliance UT-100SI PENCIL IRON 80 WATT; Part Number: WSP80
Ultratorch; UT-100SI
Our Price: $135.00
Master Appliance's UT-100Si Ultratorch is a high quality, butane powered, cordless, self igniting, soldering iron, heat tool, and torch equipped with Ultratip technology. Ultratip is a long lasting, oxygen free, copper based, iron and chrome plated soldering tip that has a built-in catalyst, tinned with lead free solder. This is a lightweight tool giving you portability and a comfortable designed that feels good in the hand. You can adjust the temperature up to 1200 Degrees Fahrenheit. Has a window for easy to see fuel level. The UT-100Si is great for pinpointing heat, spot drying, heat shrink tubing, repairing vinyl, soldering and desoldering, and for removing surface mount components. This is a Weller Soldering Pencil Iron with a medium duty power output of 80 Watts. This is for uses requiring micro to medium power requirements. It is usable with WD series power units and LT series tips. It is also ESD Safe to protect those sensitive components.