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B&K Precision has built a reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of reliable and cost-effective test and measure equipment for the past 60 years. Hutch & Son carries a small selection of B&K Precision test equipment at great prices!

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b+k 231a B+K 815 b+k 316
Component Tester; 815
Our Price: $125.00
The 231A can easily read the correct pin configuration of 10BaseT cable (category 5), 100BaseTx, 10Base2 cable (coax) and RJ45/RJ11 modular cables, 356A, TIA 568A, TIA 568B and Token Ring cables by comparing one transmitting end to the corresponding receiving end. With the remote kit, it can test cables installed far away either on wall plate or patch panel up to 1000ft away. It is easy to verify the cable continuity, open, short, and cross connect, featuring auto or manual scan for pin-out indicators.

   Tests 10BaseT, 100BaseTx, 10Base2, RJ45, RJ11, 356A, TIA 568A, TIA 568B, and Token Ring cables
   Detects open, short, cross, and continuity
   Tests Point to Point, rather than Pair to Pair
   Quick and easy to use
   Tests cables on wall plate or patch panel up to 1000 ft away with the remote kit
   Easy to read LED display
The 815 is a high quality Component Tester made by BK Precision. It is a convenient, portable capacitance meter (to 20 mF) and ohm meter (up to 20M ohm) it can also test, beta, diodes, transistors, LEDs, batteries, and SCRs.
The 316 is a Mini AC-DC Camp Meter. This versatile meter is great for a wide selection of applications. This meter was designed to measure smaller amounts of current, making it the preferred meter for quick non-intrusive current measurements.

B+K 2835 b+k 1670A
The 2835 is great for use by any technician or students in a laboratory or field environment. It has a compartment to carry test leads and other accessories with convenient strap for easy transportation. The large LCD provides a good clear reading. It is a great tool for any bench, next to a power supply and oscilloscope.
   Large LCD display
   Battery operated

Discontinued Model
The 1670A by BK Precision is a Triple Output 30 Volt, 3A Digital Display DC Power Supply. One of the outputs is a 0 to 30 VDC and a 0 to 3A variable section. Another one is 12 VDC fixed section. The last output is a 5 VDC fixed section.
This Power Supply is perfect for general electronic servicing, school electronic labs and for electronic enthusiasts.