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M.G. Chemicals 860-4G PCB35; PC BOARD-3"x5" 50-3000; RA300 ROSIN CORE SOLDER DISPENSER PK
PCB35; PC BOARD-3"x5"
Our Price: $2.19
Designed for use in transferring heat away from electrical and electronic devices such as; transistors, power diodes, semi-conductors, ballast's and thermocouple wells. High thermal conductivity, high dielectric constant, high dissipation factor, use with heat sinks or metal chassis, will not dry or harden. Contains zinc oxide and polydimethyl siloxane. 4 grams. COPPER CLAD BOARD 3X5 SOLDER PAK .032" DIA .50 OZ
Our Price: $3.72
PEN          ETCH RESIST DOUBLE SIDED TAPE 1"X60" (LT-HU-1) Clearance
KESTER 83-7145-0415 KESTER 83-7068-1402 Tech Spray 1817-5F
SN62 / PB36 / AG02 Elec. Silver Solder Pocket Pak, 0.020 dia. Lead Free Pocket Pak Solder - 0.43 oz. - SN96.5/AG03/CU0.5 This is the #3 Braid No Clean Wick made by Tech Spray. This is a Desoldering Wick that removes soldering to replace electronic components. It also is great for removing built-up solder or excessive amounts of solder. This wick is specially designed to not leave behind any ionic flux residues. With no ionic flux residues, you no longer have to worry about branches (dendrites) forming and causing short circuits.

M.G. Chemicals 8242-RTS PCB69; PC BOARD-6"x9" KESTER 83-3000-0000
PCB69; PC BOARD-6"x9"
Our Price: $6.07
Clean your most expensive screens with confidence.  Our new and improved cleaning wipe now looks and cleans better than ever. Tougher wipes to prevent ripping during dispensing and an air tight cap for extended shelf life after opening. Also available in individual wipe format. COPPER CLAD BOARD 6X9 Kester Kwik-Draw solder is the perfect tool box supply size. Solder feeds conveniently from the end of the handy dispenser tube. Contains 1.3 oz. 60% tin/40% lead 0.050" diameter rosin core solder.
Tech Spray 2300-100 LT-82565; PLASTIC BONDER M.G. Chemicals 852
Tightly wrapped, pre-cleaned cotton ensures the least amount of extractable contaminants. Plastic bonder Excellent for removing flux and general clean up. A 3-row toothbrush style general cleaning brush. Natural stiff hog hair bristles with 7 �� plywood handle. Can be used dry or wet. Works well with sticky or crusty materials.
Fiber Fix 50" x 2" Wide, FF2 KESTER 83-1000-0186 KESTER 83-1000-0951
Fiber Fix 2" inch is ideal for nearly anything that needs fixing. Kester Flux-Pen is a unique tool for rework and touch-up soldering. It allows controlled application of flux, eliminating the mess from flux bottles. The chisel point allows for work in very confined spaces. The flux pen is ideally suited for tab assembly no-clean and surface mount rework application because it can deliver flux to a specific area. Kester 186 has been developed for use in critical applications where difficult assemblies are to be soldered, but process requirements stipulate use of Type RMA flux. Kester 951 is a halogen-free, non-rosin organic Flux Pen that is specifically designed for rework of conventional and surface mount circuit board assemblies. The extremely low solids content (2.0%) and nature of the activator system results in practically NO RESIDUE left on the assembly after soldering. There are no residues to interfere with electrical testing. Kester 951 exhibits improved soldering performance to minimize solder bridges (shorts) during rework operations.
M.G. Chemicals 851 PCB810; PC BOARD-8"x10" FiberFix 60" x 4" Wide, FF4
851; 7-3/4" BRASS BRUSH
Our Price: $9.95
PCB810; PC BOARD-8"x10"
Our Price: $10.09
Excellent utility brush. A 3-row general cleaning brush with brass steel bristles and 7 �" long plywood handle. Great for removing oxides and corrosion from male and female connector ends. Burnishes without removing base metal. Also great for cleaning soldering iron tips. COPPER CLAD BOARD 8X10 Fiber Fix 3" handles those tough industrial sized jobs with ease.
M.G. Chemicals 402B-285G M.G. Chemicals 824-1L M.G. Chemicals 407C-250ML
Our Price: $12.95
Use for removing dust, lint and foreign particles. This product is not designed for use near ignition sources. For cleaning in such circumstances, use MG Chemicals Super Duster 134.  HFC 152a is rated as non-flammable when subjected to the 'Test for determining the the flashback and the length of the flame projection of flammable product enclosed in a spray container' of the Canadian Hazardous Products Act. This product is not defined as flammable by 1500.3 (c)(6),16 CFR, Fed. Haz. Substance Act, C.P.S.C. Regs. General all-purpose cleaner. Safe on plastics. Extra effective with the use of M.G. Cat. #'s 852 and 853 Hog Hair cleaning brushes. Cleans and restores sensitive magnetic and optical read/write heads. Removes nicotine, tape residues, metallic oxides, carbon deposits, oils, dirt.
NTE Electronic Inc RX7000 M.G. Chemicals 827B-425G M.G. Chemicals POL100-15
BUTANE FUEL 5-OZ NON-CLOGGING CFC/HCFC FREE.  ***CANNOT SHIP UPS*** PICK UP ONLY Use when an aggressive cleaner degreaser is required and plastic compatibility or flammability is not a concern. Great for removing heavy oils and greases, burnt on flux, ionic residues, and difficult to remove soils. Very effective at cleaning and degreasing the solder side (non component) of PC boards. Extra effective with M.G. Cat. #'s 852 and 853 Hog Hair Cleaning Brushes. This is MG Chemicals Polyimide Tape (POL100-15). It is a very lightweight and flexible tape at only 2 mils thick. This is a crystalline film with a silicone adhesive that is specially designed for 3D printers heated beds. The Tape works works great in low temperatures and doesn't soften when submitted to head. It also has a superior release surface at elevated temperatures. This polyimide tape has excellent tension strength, good elongation, and is chemical resistant. The tape comes in 4" width in a 49 Foot roll.
M.G. Chemicals 403A-285G M.G. Chemicals 810-15 ER8; RESIST DEVELOPER-16 oz.
Our Price: $16.63
Our Price: $16.85
Chills to -51C (-60F)  Used for locating thermal intermittence, locate PCB cracks, and cool solder joints. Protects heat-sensitive components during soldering. Also freezes gums and adhesives for easy removal. Lint free, synthetic suede bonded to a bendable handle allowing access to hard to reach areas. Perfect for use with M.G. Audio/Video Head Cleaner (cat. no. 407C), or for applying M.G. Super Contact Cleaner (cat. no. 801B). Available single headed or double headed for economy. DEVELOPER    RESIST 16OZ.