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M.G. Chemicals 402B-285G M.G. Chemicals 402AR M.G. Chemicals 403A-285G
Our Price: $14.65
Use for removing dust, lint and foreign particles. This product is not designed for use near ignition sources. For cleaning in such circumstances, use MG Chemicals Super Duster 134.  HFC 152a is rated as non-flammable when subjected to the 'Test for determining the the flashback and the length of the flame projection of flammable product enclosed in a spray container' of the Canadian Hazardous Products Act. This product is not defined as flammable by 1500.3 (c)(6),16 CFR, Fed. Haz. Substance Act, C.P.S.C. Regs. For use with cat# 402T Super Duster Trigger Valve 402T Super Duster Trigger Valve Allows user precision control and greater comfort. Outputs 71.5 PSI of pressure.   The 402AR and Trigger Valve in combination offer both value and performance. Chills to -51C (-60F)  Used for locating thermal intermittence, locate PCB cracks, and cool solder joints. Protects heat-sensitive components during soldering. Also freezes gums and adhesives for easy removal.
Tech Spray 1672-10S Tech Spray 1671-10S Tech Spray 1697-8S
This is a Freezer (1672-10S) made by Tech Spray. This Freezer is a swiftly evaporating liquid that super-chills isolated areas. The freezer is ideal for troubleshooting intermittently faulty capacitors, semiconductors, resistors, and other defective electronic components. It also provides you the ability to maximize the visibility of cold shoulder cracks, joints in printed circuit boards and oxidized junctions.

This is a Duster (1671-10S) made by Tech Spray. It has a high velocity force that is able to blow away dust, lint, microscopic contaminant, oxide deposits and other pollutants that threaten your electronics with heat build-ups and short circuits. Before you use the computer duster, press the actuator that clears the valve of any liquid. You also should only use short bursts to prevent the can from becoming freezing cold.
This is a non-flammable Duster with a high velocity force perfecting for blasting away dirt, dust, lint, metallic oxide deposit, microscopic contaminants and anything else that can damage those sensitive electronics.

Tech Spray 1747-10S M.G. Chemicals 402T
Our Price: $37.95
Rapidly evaporating liquid that super-chills isolated areas. Used as a troubleshooting aid for intermittently faulting capacitors, resistors, semiconductors, and other defective components. It also increases visibility of cold solder joints, cracks in printed circuit boards and oxidized junctions. Contains additive that avoids static build-up, critical when working with ESD-sensitive components. For use with Super Duster 134 Refill canisters (402AR)   Allows user precision control and greater comfort. This high quality threaded chrome valve is for use with Cat# 402AR Super Duster Refill aerosol cans, and can be used over and over. It simply screws onto the top of the can, and can be easily removed at any time later without damage to the valve or the can, even if the can's contents have not been depleted. When used instead of standard valves, the Trigger Valve gives the user better control of flow, a higher maximum rate of flow, and increased comfort.