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IDEAL Industries has a broad selection of different electrical parts including electrical tools. Hutch & Son is happy to carry a small selection of great products.

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Ideal Industries 34-001 Ideal Industries 45-120 Ideal Industries 45-121
Fuse Puller; 34-001
Our Price: $12.29
T-5 Wire Stripper; 45-120
Our Price: $15.87
T-Stripper; 45-121
Our Price: $16.51
The 34-001 by Ideal Industries are Fuse Pullers. The Puller is made for 250 V, 9/32" to 1/2" diameter fuses. This is a very convenient tool used to remove or replace cartridge style fuses.
The 45-120 is a T-5 Wire Stripper for 10 up to 18 AWG solid and 12 up to 20 AWG stranded wire. Constructed out of steel with a form-ground, hardened, knife type blades for accurate stripping. Specially designed to be corrosion resistant in order to have a long tool life.
Ideal Industry's 45-121 is a Wire Stripper for 16 up to 26 AWG stranded-wire and 14 up to 24 AWG solid-wire. Constructed from steel and is corrosion resistant to ensure a prolonged tool life.
Ideal Industries 34-002 Ideal Industries 35-088 Ideal Industries 45-125
Fuse Puller; 34-002
Our Price: $20.57
T-7 Wire Stripper; 45-125
Our Price: $23.26
The 34-002 is a Medium Puller for 0 to 100A/250V and 600V with a 1/2" to 1" diameter fuses. Extremely convenient for replacing or removing cartridge type fuses. The three size handle can remove fuses from 0 to 600A. Constructed out of glass filled polypropylene for insulation and high dielectric. It has a notch style handle that provides a comfortable and slip-free grip.
The 35-088 are Electrician's scissors equipped with a wire stripping notch. Ideal to use in electrical and telephone service operations. Able to cut a 12 AWG stranded-wire and a 16 AWG solid-wire. It can strip 19 AWG and 23 AWG wire.
The 45-125 is a Wire Stripper for 22 up to 30 AWG solid-wire and 24 up to 32 AWG stranded-wire. Constructed out of steel and is corrosion resistant for a long service life. The strippers have a built in wire cutter as well as looping holes.
Ideal Industries 35-046 Ideal Industries 45-418 Ideal Industries 30-428
F Connector Tool; 35-046
Our Price: $23.78
T Wire Stripper; 45-418
Our Price: $27.27
Combo Tool; 30-428
Our Price: $46.69
The 35-046 Connector Tool combines two tools into one - a 7/16 in. hex socket and 3/8-32 threaded end. The hex socket makes installation and removal of CATV F-connections easy. Threaded-end holds F-connector during cable insertion to ease connector seating against dielectric and eliminates chance of injury from cable center conductor. Chrome finish for long life and screwdriver type plastic handle for comfort. The 45-418 is a Wire Stripper for 8 to 16 AWG stranded-wire and 6-14 AWG solid-wire. Specially designed with an ergonomic handle for extreme comfort. It has a textured, no slip sleeves for a superior grip.
The 30-428 is a Combo Series Crimp/Strip Tool. It can strip 8 up to 20 AWG solid-wire and 10 up to 22 AWG stranded-wire. Has a four function tool feature precision ground stripping holes and knife to anvil cutting blades.
Ideal Industries 62-140
TraceTone Tester; 62-140
Our Price: $54.42
The 62-140 is a Tone Generator & Amplifier Probe with 2 selectable tones. Cable assembly included.