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Platt Luggage Inc is a manufacturer of professional cases for industry and business. They provide the industry with quality products. Platt is the first company to introduce combination locks on luggage, cushioned handles, custom hardware, and urethane pallets. Platt offers unique customization of their cases. These are truly heavy-duty, durable luggage products and Hutch & Son is proud to carry a fair selection of Platt products!

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Platt Luggage PB300 Platt Luggage PB600 Platt Luggage 1150WF BLACK
Divider Box; PB300
Our Price: $9.30
Divider Box; PB600
Our Price: $16.70
6.625" x 3.375" x 1.25" Divider Box, perfect for storage of smaller parts.

This is a 10.5" x 6.5" x 1.5" Divider Box for storage of smaller parts.

A heavy duty case that is watertight, crush proof and dust proof.
Platt Luggage 607 Platt Luggage 601ZT Platt Luggage 1200WF BLACK
Blow Molded Case; 607
Our Price: $59.19
Heavy Duty Case for maximum protection.

A Compact Soft Tool Case with 14 interior tool pockets.

A water tight, crush proof and dust proof Case with Foam.

Platt Luggage 1300WF BLACK Platt Luggage 660ZT Platt Luggage 1426
Light-Duty ABS Case; 1426
Our Price: $124.50
A rugged, watertight, crush proof, and dust proof case.

This carrying case was made for versatility and convenience with 29 tool pockets, a meter pouch on the inside, and 2 additional meter pouches on the outside.

Light-duty, black, scuff resistant molded ABS thermoplastic forms the tough shell of these cases.
Platt Luggage 665ZT Platt Luggage 641ZT Platt Luggage 1500WF BLACK
Technician Case; 665ZT
Our Price: $147.50
Has 27 molded pockets, and 2 hook and loop pockets inside the case. It has 2 pockets with hook and loop flaps outside.

This configuration was specifically designed for the unique needs of the office machine and copier field technician. Outside has 2 pockets with hook and loop flaps and a full-length document pocket to provide additional storage capacity Watertight, crushproof, and dust proof Pelican Case.
Platt Luggage 600T-CB Platt Luggage 685ZT Platt Luggage 689ZT
Master Telecom; 685ZT
Our Price: $217.98
HMW Polyethylene with a durable ribbed shell.
Carries and stores specialized tools often used by telecom installers. 24 interior pockets, 5 small parts pouches, special pockets for tone generator and probe set, and hook and loop strap buttset holder.

Combo Tool and Computer Attache case. 47 tool pockets and a meter pouch as well as a padded pocket for a computer.
Platt Luggage 946T-CB Platt Luggage 695ZT Platt Luggage 688ZT
Field Service Tech; 695ZT
Our Price: $280.91
Lan Tool Case; 688ZT
Our Price: $294.15
Heavy Duty Tool case. Durable ribbed shell.

Multi-tool carrying case. 39 tool pockets, 1 large pouch with 3 additional storage pouches and a full-length literature holder. 2 Pockets outside with a hook and loop flaps and a full length document holder.

Double sided carrying case with 40 tool pockets and 4 pouches in one side and 11 tool pockets with 4 additional pouches in the second side. Outside has 2 pockets with hook and loop flaps and a full length document pocket.
Platt Luggage 1490CC1 BLACK
Laptop Case that is Watertight, crush proof, and dust proof.