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USB ADAPTER A-MALE TO B-FEMALE Newer PC and laptop are no longer equipped with PS/2 port.  This adapter allows the use of your good old mouse and keyboard on the USB port of your new machine.

USB serial RS232 adapter in ultra compact mini size for laptop and desktop computer users converts a USB port into a 9-pin male RS-232 serial port which is capable of speeds up to 921,600 bps. 

USB serial RS232 adapter makes serial port expansion quick and simple. Connecting to a USB port on the computer, the USB COM instantly adds a serial communication port to your system. By taking advantage of the USB bus, this product makes it easier than ever to add serial ports and serial devices to your system with easy plug-and-play and hot plug features. 

Plugging the USB COM into the USB port, the adapter is automatically detected. There are no IRQ & COM port conflicts since the port doesn't require any additional IRQ, DMA, or memory as resources on the system.

The USB-COM-S provides instant connectivity with modems, ISDN TAs, PDS, handheld & pocket PCs, digital cameras, POS, serial printers, etc. It is suitable for remote access, retail and industrial applications, data collection and other applications requiring a high speed serial communications port.


1 USB pecification 2.0 compliant
2 Supports RS232 serial interface DB9
3 Supports over 1 Mbps data transfer rata
4 Supports remote wake-up and power management
5 Available for USB port
6 Suppots Win98/2000/XP/Vista/7 Mac os v8.6 or higher

USB to Serial Converter; TU-S9 USB to Parallel 1284 Converter; TU-P1284 HSI HS150407
This USB to Serial converter allows you to connect a RS-232 serial device such as a modem to a USB port on your Desktop or Laptop PC TRENDnet's USB to Parallel 1284 Converter allows you to connect a parallel printer to a USB port on your laptop or desktop PC. The USB/Serial Converter is the easiest way to connect your serial device to the USB port on your PC or Mac. This product operates as a bridge between one USB port and a standard Serial (RS232) port. Newer PCs are no longer equipped with serial (COM) port. But you want to use old serial device that is still working just fine. This adpter will add serial port to your new machine easily. It is Vista, Win7, and OS-X compatible.  With Thumbscrews
USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter; TU3-ETG 4-port High Speed USB 3.0 Mini Hub; TU3-H4E HSI HS6038
TRENDnet's compact USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, model TU3-ETG, quickly adds a Gigabit Ethernet port to a Windows or Mac computer. A SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port supports Full Duplex 2 Gbps transfer speeds. The TU3-ETG is compatible with older USB 2.0 and 1.1 ports. TRENDnet's 4-Port USB 3.0 Mini Hub, model TU3-H4E, instantly adds four 5 Gbps SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports to a computer. No CD installation required-simply plug in flash drives, storage enclosures, and other USB 3.0 devices at speeds ten times faster than a USB 2.0 connection. The TU3-H4E is also compatible with older USB 2.0 and 1.1 ports.

This USB 2.0 Graphic Adapter allows you to quickly and easily add an additional monitor to your desktop or laptop. The connected monitor can be configured to either clone your primary screen or extend the Windows® desktop, allowing visibility of more applications at the same time.

The driver uses very few computer resources and offers a vast array of screen resolutions and color depths. This ensures that there is little difference in performance between a directly connected screen and a screen connected through the USB 2.0 Graphic Adapter.

It supports up to six simultaneous displays, including widescreen displays, extending your both desktop and your horizons. It operates at a maximum resolution of 1920x1200 (16:10) or 2048x1152 (16:9).