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Therma-Boost Heat Tool, 30W/130W ,120V; Part Number: TB100PK Master Appliance 10008 Master Appliance HG-751B
Heat Gun; 10008
Our Price: $129.00
Heat Gun; HG-751B
Our Price: $162.00
This is Weller's Therma-Boost Heat Tool. This heat tool has a power output of 30W/130W and a voltage rating of 120 Volts. This tool is for continuous use and it only takes 45 second to heat up to its working temperature. This soldering gun has a maximum temperature range up to 950 Degrees Fahrenheit, making the Therma-Boost powerful enough to solder with ease. The Therma-Boost comes with 6 different accessory tips. These tips include: a Screwdriver soldering tip, a Conical soldering tip, a scoring tip, a rope cutting tip, a foam cutting tip and a smoothing tip. The 10008 is a continuous, lightweight, Heat Gun by Master Appliance. The heat gun has a 650 Degree Fahrenheit heating element, an adjustable heat gun stand, and a heat shrink attachment. Specially designed with a quiet motor to eliminate noisy work areas. It has an ideal heat and air flow (3.8 CFM) that is perfect for bench top heating jobs without excess air flow, preventing blowing components around on your work area. Has 3 available heating elements: 500, 650 and 800 Degrees Fahrenheit. The 10008 heat gun is great for activating adhesive, curing epoxies, drying components, melting solder performs, removing decals, and heat shrink tubing. Master Appliance's HG-751B is a high quality Heat Gun that is suitable for both industrial and commercial heating applications. It has a high temperature and power ratings. It can reach 1000 Degrees Fahrenheit at 1740 Watts. With a 23 CFM at 3000 FPM you can get any job done fast and easy with this high air flow rating. It has an adjustable non-slip stand for hands-free usage. Ideal for wide range of applications such as: cure adhesives, bend plastics, dry parts, heat parts, heat shrink tubing and packaging, and to strip paint.