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Master Appliance are designers and manufacturers of heat tools, heat tool accessories and other products. All Master Appliance products are made with superior quality. Hutch & Son is proud to carry Master Appliance products.

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Master Appliance 71-01-01 Master Appliance 71-01-03 Master Appliance 70-01-01
The 71-01-01 by Master Appliance is a 1 mm diameter, tapered needle, Soldering Tip. The 71-01-03 is a 2 mm Diameter, Spade Tip, Soldering Tip by Master Appliance. This tip has Ultratip Technology that prolongs the tip's life. It is copper based and has iron and chrome plated tip that is pre-tinned with lead-free solder. Master Appliance's 70-01-01 is a 1 mm Diameter ,Tapered Needle, Soldering Iron Tip that can be used with UT100 and UT100Si. Made with Ultratip Technology which is great for lead-free soldering.
Master Appliance 70-01-02 Master Appliance 70-40U Master Appliance 80-04U
Our Price: $29.45
Master Appliance's 70-01-02 is a 3.3 mm diameter, chisel shaped Soldering Iron Tip. This replacement tip is to be used with the UT100 and UT100Si torches. Made with Ultratip technology which is perfect to use in lead-free soldering materials. Has a higher thermal conductivity as well as a longer tip life than other soldering iron tips.
Storage Box, Metal  (Standard w/UT-100 / UT-100SiK) Master Appliance's 80-04U is a replacement burner for the UT100Si soldering iron.
Master Appliance HAS-043K 30083 Master Appliance 20013 Master Appliance UT-40SI
Heating Element; 20013
Our Price: $43.79
UT-40SI Ultratorch
Our Price: $68.98
The 30083 is a 120 Volt Heating Replacement Element for the HG-751B heat gun.

Master Appliance's 20013 is a Replacement Heating Element with a voltage rating of 120 V, a power rating of 475 W and an operating temperature of 650 Degrees Fahrenheit. To be used with the 10008, 10009 and 10010 Master Mite heat gun and Master Mite ESD heat gun.
The UT-40Si is a high quality Ultratorch by Master Appliance. It comes with a hot air tip, a soldering tip and a protective cap to keep your tips safe and to prolong their tip lives. This heat tool is powered with butane which gives you the convenience of portability by not being tied down to a cord. The UT-40Si is both a soldering iron as well as a flameless heat tool. It has a slide switch ignition for quick and dependable ignition. You can adjust the temperature all the way up to 1200 Degrees Fahrenheit.
Master Appliance UT-50 Master Appliance UT-100SI Master Appliance 10008
Ultratorch; UT-100SI
Our Price: $135.00
Heat Gun; 10008
Our Price: $153.79
The UT-50 is a popular Ultratorch Soldering Iron, Flameless Heat Tool and Butane Torch. It comes with a soldering and heat tip as well as a protective cap providing tip safety when not in use. With the tool being butane powered and pen-sized, you get the convenience of portability. There are many other tips that can be used with the UT-50 Ultratorch making it versatile for different applications. It operates for 20 minutes when set on the #3 setting. UL and GS/TUV listed for safety. This ultratorch is perfect for pinpointing heat, repairing vinyl, removing surface mount components, soldering and desoldering, heat shrink tubing, spot drying, and torching materials.
Master Appliance's UT-100Si Ultratorch is a high quality, butane powered, cordless, self igniting, soldering iron, heat tool, and torch equipped with Ultratip technology. Ultratip is a long lasting, oxygen free, copper based, iron and chrome plated soldering tip that has a built-in catalyst, tinned with lead free solder. This is a lightweight tool giving you portability and a comfortable designed that feels good in the hand. You can adjust the temperature up to 1200 Degrees Fahrenheit. Has a window for easy to see fuel level. The UT-100Si is great for pinpointing heat, spot drying, heat shrink tubing, repairing vinyl, soldering and desoldering, and for removing surface mount components. The 10008 is a continuous, lightweight, Heat Gun by Master Appliance. The heat gun has a 650 Degree Fahrenheit heating element, an adjustable heat gun stand, and a heat shrink attachment. Specially designed with a quiet motor to eliminate noisy work areas. It has an ideal heat and air flow (3.8 CFM) that is perfect for bench top heating jobs without excess air flow, preventing blowing components around on your work area. Has 3 available heating elements: 500, 650 and 800 Degrees Fahrenheit. The 10008 heat gun is great for activating adhesive, curing epoxies, drying components, melting solder performs, removing decals, and heat shrink tubing.