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Delphi Connection Systems is a world leader in supplying vehicle electric and electronic distribution systems. Delphi designs, develops, and manufactures electrical and electric connection systems and devices. Delphi has been producing quality products for more than 100 years. Hutch & Son carries a wide selection of their products.

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METRI-PACK 150 CABLE SEAL DK RED; Part Number: 15324973 METRI-PACK 480 CABLE SEAL WHT; Part Number: 12048441 DELPHI CABLE SEAL-RED; Part Number: 15324983
2.80mm-2.03mm Cable Diameter;  18-16 GPT Wire Gauge; 20-18 SXL Wire Gauge White cable seal for metri-pack 480 connector series; 16-18 guage 1.70mm-1.29mm Cable Diameter; 7.25mm outside diameter
DELPHI CABLE SEAL- GRAY; Part Number: 15324980 METRI-PACK 480 CABLE SEAL PURPLE 8-10G; Part Number: 15324990 METRI-PACK 480 CABLE SEAL RED; Part Number: 15324989
3.49mm-2.81mm Cable Diameter; 7.25mm outside diameter 4.50mm-3.61mm Cable Diameter; 9.05mm outside diameter 3.76mm-2.81mm Cable Diameter; 9.05mm outside diameter
DELPHI CABLE SEAL-BLUE; Part Number: 15324981 CAVITY PLUG-GREEN; Part Number: 12010300 METRI-PACK 480 CAVITY PLUG; Part Number: 12066082
4.30mm-3.45mm Cable Diameter; 7.25mm outside diameter Green Delphi Cavity Plug Delphi METRI-PACK 480 CAVITY PLUG 8.5 MM
METRI-PACK 150 TERM MALE 18-16GA; Part Number: 12045773 METRI-PACK 150 CABLE SEAL BLUE; Part Number: 15324974 METRI-PACK 280 TERM FEMALE 22-20GA; Part Number: 12110846
METRI-PACK 150 SERIES MALE 18-16GA TERMINAL 1.70mm-1.20mm Cable Diameter; 5.75mm outside diameter METRI-PACK 280 SERIES FEMALE; 22 - 20 GAUGE
METRI-PACK 150 TERM FEMALE 18-16GA; Part Number: 12048074 METRI-PACK 150 TPA 2P; Part Number: 12052634 METRI-PACK 150 TPA 3P; Part Number: 12052845
WEATHERPACK TERM 20-18 FEMALE; Part Number: 12089188 WEATHERPACK TERM 16-14 FEMALE; Part Number: 12124580 WEATHERPACK TERM 20-18 MALE; Part Number: 12089040
Delphi 12089188 Female Terminal Loose Piece for Weatherpack Connectors Weather Pack Female Terminal 16-14GA 20-18 Gauge Male Weatherpack Terminal 12089040 Loose Piece
METRI-PACK 480 TPA 2P; Part Number: 12059897 WEATHERPACK TERM 12G FEMALE; Part Number: 12124581 METRI-PACK 150 TPA 4P; Part Number: 12047948
2-contact TPA terminal position assurance for metri-pack 480 connector series, black Weather Pack Female Terminal 12-10GA METRI-PACK 150 SERIES 4 PIN TPA
WEATHERPACK TERM 16-14 MALE; Part Number: 12124582 WEATHERPACK TERM 12G MALE; Part Number: 12124587 METRI-PACK 150 CONN 2P MALE; Part Number: 12162000
Weather Pack Male Terminal 16-14GA Weather Pack Male Terminal 12-10 GA METRI-PACK 150 SERIES 2 PIN MALE BODY
METRI-PACK 150 CONN 4P MALE; Part Number: 12162102 METRI-PACK 150 CONN 3P MALE; Part Number: 12129615 WEATHERPACK SHROUD HALF 1C; Part Number: 12010996
METRI-PACK 150 SERIES 4 PIN MALE BODY METRI-PACK 150 SERIES 3 PIN MALE BODY Weather Pack Male Shroud Connector 1 Contact
METRI-PACK 480 TPA 3P; Part Number: 12131543 WEATHERPACK SHROUD HALF 2C; Part Number: 12010973 WEATHERPACK SHROUD HALF SQ 4C; Part Number: 12015024
3-way Metri-pack 480 TPA Delphi Weather Pack Male Shroud Connector 2 Contact Weather Pack Male Shroud Square Connector 4 Contact