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Illuminate your world with Nebo Tools lighting products and tools. Hutch carries a large selection of Nebo Tools high-lumen flashing lights, head lights, and bug zapping bulbs. If you need the best equipment for your outdoor activities, Nebo and Hutch are here to help.

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Our Price: $7.39
Our Price: $14.85
This is the Big Larry Work Light Holster and it is specifically made to carry the Big Larry C-O-B Work Light. With the structural strength and durability that the hostler provides you can secure the protection of your Work Light. The holster is not only durable because of its rugged metal base but it is also convenient. The holster was designed to have a metal base insert that allows the Big Larry to attach magnetically, and with the large front clip the holster ensures your work light will not leave your hip, that way you will always have it by your side. With the new C-O-B LED technology The Larry is now brighter than ever before. The Larry outputs 170 lumens of bright light. It comes equipped with a rotating magnetic clip that allows you to experience hands-free lighting by attaching the clip to almost anything. The Larry is made with a reinforced plastic body that is designed to be water and impact-resistant, making this light virtually indestructible. The NEBO 30oz Tumbler fits most standard vehicle cup holders, and perfectly keeps your drink as cold as any of the competitors. Made with Kitchen Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel
Double-Wall Vacuum insulation. Keeps Drink HOT OR COLD
BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe LID. Spill & Leak Proof Lid.
Our Price: $19.99
The Nebo Eye Light is a versatile C-O-B Work Light that can output a maximum of 220 lumen. This adaptable product can illuminate any space or place with just the right amount of light. The Nebo Eye Light comes with a base that the Eye will magnetically rest in. The magnetic base allows for 360 degree rotation that way you can direct light in whatever direction is needed. The base also has a drywall screw hole for permanent mounting as well as hook and Loop double sided tape for additional mounting options. Each package comes with 2 Eye Lights. A Lantern and a Spot Light
The Poppy is a combination of a C-O-B LED lantern and a powerful LED spot light that can output a maximum of 300 lumen. The Poppy is a versatile product that is the perfect light for both indoor and outdoor use. The outside of the Poppy is rubberized with an impact-resistant element making it durable but also comfortable and easy to hold. The Poppy is designed to easily change from a spot light to a lantern by sliding its top up, which reveals the 360 degree C-O-B Lantern. The handle is designed to easily adjust to serve both light modes.
With the recent rise of insulated tumbler cups, like Nebo's own Tumbler, the Nebo Glow Light with Handle is the perfect accessory. The Nebo Glow Light with Handle fits securely around your 20 oz. or 30 oz. tumbler with its rubberized grip ring and the handle makes holding, carrying and drinking out of your tumbler easier. This handle also features a Glow Light which gives you the power of light with a push of a button. The Glow is able to fit most standard cup holders.
NEBO BIG Larry 400 WORK LIGHT - 6306 NEBO WORKBRITE 2 WORK LIGHT - 6304 nebo, z-bug
With C-O-B LED technology that outputs 400 lumens, the Big Larry really knows how to light up a room. However, the Big Larry allows you to adjust the light's brightness, which is great for different environments. The work light also has  secondary light modes with a low 160 lumens light and the Emergency Red Light Flash mode. This powerful red light is ideal for distress signaling or roadside emergencies. The Big Larry has an anodized aluminum body and recessed LED housing that makes this work light tough and ready to handle any situation. The WorkBite 2 is a very unique work light that has the ability to adapt your work environment. Every work environment is unique and different, having a work light that can adapt to these different environments becomes essential to work operations. This is why the WorkBrite 2 is such a handy work light. This work light comes with a C-O-B LED that outputs 200 lumen. The work light also features a 100 lumen flashlight and a rear, emergency red flasher LED. One of the best features the WorkBite 2 has to offer is its hands-free lighting options. It has 3 hands-free options: a hanging hook, a 200 degree pivoting and a magnetic base. With these 3 different hands-free options, this product can work for you no matter the application. This work light DOES IT ALL. This is the Z-Bug Lantern + Light and is not only a powerful light and lantern, but is also the next line in insect defense. The Z-Bug Lantern and Light takes the Nebo Z-Bug Bulb and combines it with Nebo's Poppy Lantern and Spot Light to create the ultimate product. It is equipped with NUV LEDs which insects are naturally attracted to and a 360 degree bug-zapping electric grid. This special combo will keep your outdoor activities well lit and bug free! The Z-Bug Lantern and Light comes with a Sweeper to remove the remains of insects out of the electric grid.
Our Price: $29.99
With a 9 position Swivel Head, the Big Cryket was designed to be a versatile work light and spot light. The Cryket is a 3 in 1 light, which features a 300 lumen spot light, a 300 lumen work light and a 30 lumen red light - perfect for distress signals and roadside emergencies. Its unique swivel head design allows the light to rotate down into a forward-facing light, great for various working conditions. Comes with a durable steel clip and a magnetic base, perfect for hands-free lighting. The Rebel is a head lamp that has an adjustable head strap and is equipped with a fully rechargeable task light. Although this light is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it is also powerful enough to pack a punch with its impressive 600 lumen output. This powerful head lamp can also rotate, has a removable steel clip and a heavy-duty magnetic base to provide other hands-free options. The Redline Blast is an extremely powerful flashlight with 1,400 lumens of high intensity light. This flashlight can extend its bright beam over 260 meters making this a must-have flashlight. Not only is the Blast very effective, it is also heavy-duty and durable. This flashlight is COMPLETELY WATERPROOF and is ready for any type of weather condition. The Blast also has a 4x zoom and 5 different light modes, which includes: high, medium, low, defensive strobe and flashing beacon.