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We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:00pm

Locally call us at 812 425-7201 or Toll Free at 800 457-3520 Fax us at 812 421-4620

Who we are:

We are a local family owned business serving the tri-state since 1953.

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What we are:

Hutch is your local distributor with a national EDGE.

We are members of EDGE Marketing & Procurement, a distributor-owned buying and marketing group with the strength, expertise, inventory, and sales equivalent to national distributors. We have strategic partnerships with top industry manufacturers and suppliers that have more than 200 product lines. Our independent distributor members have over 140 stocking locations, more than $156 million in inventory and approximately $1.2 Billion in annual sales.

Hutch & Son represents the top manufacturers and suppliers in the industry with more than 200 lines. Hutch has access to just about every product you may need. Some of those categories are:

Active Hardware
Batteries, Flashlights, Chargers
Caps, Resistors, Pots
Chemicals & Adhesives
Computer Products
Connectors (RF, BNC)
Data/Voice Connectivity
De-Soldering, Soldering
Fans & Accessories
Fiber Optics
Fuses & Circuit Breakers
Hardware, Tapes, Terminal Strips
Heat Guns, Heat Shrink
Home Automation
Identification Solutions
Lamps, LEDs, Indicators
Patch Cords
Power Supplies
Racks & Cabinets
Relays & Switches
Security, CCTV
Static Control
Telephone, Audio, Video
Test Equipment
Tools, Kits, Cases
Wire & Cable
Wire Management

With our connections in the electronics, data communications and low voltage categories, we can help you save time and money in several industries, including:

  • Electronic MRO - Maintenance and repair products are a big part of customer needs. Repairing or servicing broken or out-of-order mechanical or electrical devices, performing scheduled maintenance or performing preventative maintenance are crucial, unavoidable tasks for any facility. Down time for the customer can be extremely costly. Hutch & Son helps keep industrial manufacturing plants, factories, hospitals, schools, universities, municipalities, commercial properties and just about any facility up and running by stocking the products that help maintain, repair and keep operations running in top shape and limit any interruption. To cater to the maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) market, our broad line distribution offers electronic components, wire and cable, tools, test equipment, power protection, computer hardware and peripherals, security and surveillance equipment, audio and video equipment, batteries, chemicals and much more. All of these products are from leading, trusted suppliers in the industry.
  • Electronic OEM - Original equipment manufacturers in today's market are looking for total solutions to reduce their overall cost. Hutch & Son supports OEM business with timely access to the highest quality parts, components, products and supplies. Hutch can also help lower costs with inventory management and parts forecasting. We have developed strategic partnerships with top manufacturers who supply products used in the OEM marketplace. These relationships give us a competitive advantage to provide quality products to our customers. We also have the ability to immediately source products from hundreds of suppliers.
  • Data Communications - Networking has become a key factor in day-to-day life. Without networks, the majority of communication would cease. Every day, people and businesses rely on these interconnected networks that allow communication through a variety of wired or wireless technologies—from twisted-pair wire to wireless LANs, coaxial (coax) cable to terrestrial microwave, fiber optics to the wireless web. Our manufacturers and suppliers provide installers, designers, contractors and end customers with the products needed to build and maintain networks of varying scale, scope and purpose: Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Virtual Private Network (VPN). Hutch & Son stocks datacom products including computer racks, cabinets, wire, category cable, hubs, routers, switches, patch panels, patch cords, wire management, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery back-ups, power strips, surge protectors, batteries, fans, installation tools, repair tools, test equipment, connectivity, computer products and more.
  • Security/CCTV - The security industry, including video surveillance, video recording, and access control markets, has been fast growing in the residential, commercial and government sectors. In recent years, security has come to play a prominent role in everyday life. This trend looks to continue. More people, businesses and agencies turn to the use of closed circuit television (CCTV) equipment and surveillance technology for added security and protection. Hutch is able to source state of the art security products from some of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in many categories throughout the industry such as Intrusion, Fire, CCTV, IP Networking, Access, Audio / Video, Tools & Hardware, Home Solutions and Wire & Cable.
  • Telecommunications - Telecommunications, or telecom, encompasses computer networks, public telephone networks, radio networks, television networks and the Internet. These networks allow communication of data, text, pictures, voice and video over a long distance. Early telecommunications transmissions used analog signals transferred over copper wires. Today, telephone and cable companies still use these same lines, though most transmissions are now in digital. Most new telecom wiring is installed with cables optimized for digital communication, like fiber-optic cables and digital phone lines. Hutch & Son offers a broad spectrum of voice, data and video products from some of the leading manufacturers in the telecom industry. Products include customer premise equipment, central office equipment, and outside plant products.
  • Broadcast - Hutch & Son offers top performing, highly reliable, state-of-the-art products for the broadcast market. This includes radio broadcast, network TV broadcast, cable TV broadcast, production studios, film studios, corporate broadcasting, professional sound systems and entertainment markets. Some of the products offered by Hutch from key suppliers in the industry include, dependable audio and video cable for field, studio and broadcast applications, steel enclosure systems versatile enough for commercial audio video installation, broadcast, post production, structured cabling and premise wiring. Accessories like power suppliers, power distribution, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery back-ups, power strips, surge protectors, batteries, quiet fans, and cable management products, ergonomic workstations for the video and digital content professional, video studio furniture for the project or professional studio, speaker stands, monitor and TV mounts
  • Home Automation - Home automation is going mainstream. It's now beyond security and into automation, energy management, and convenience features for both new and old construction. Some of the latest products ensure safety and security, manage energy consumption and comfort, and provide home entertainment. Some popular home automation applications include home networking, home-wide audio, home theater and video systems, remote control lighting, door locks and access control, intercoms and phones, energy saving products, timers, HVAC and thermostat controls, smart appliances, and cable and structured wiring. Many distributors have branched into home automation since it's a natural offshoot of datacom, security and electronics industries.

Where we are:

We are located at the corner of Franklin & North Main Street in the center of Evansville, IN.

300 North Main Street is just north of Vectren and walking distance from Turoni's Pizza.

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