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Master Appliance are designers and manufacturers of heat tools, heat tool accessories and other products. All Master Appliance products are made with superior quality. Hutch & Son is proud to carry Master Appliance products.

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Master Appliance 71-14 Master Appliance 10932 Master Appliance 10934
Our Price: $5.73
Our Price: $5.84
Knurled Cap Nut 18-20 AWG, Red 14-16 AWG, Blue
Master Appliance 10797 Master Appliance 71-01-01 Master Appliance 71-01-02
71-01-01 TIP for UT-50
Our Price: $16.40
71-01-02 TIP for UT-50
Our Price: $16.40
14-16 AWG, Blue, 10 Pack
Tip, Tapered Needle, 1mm Diameter Tip, Chisel, 2.4mm (Standard)
Master Appliance 71-01-03 Master Appliance 70-01-01 Master Appliance 70-01-02
71-01-03 TIP for UT-50
Our Price: $16.40
70-01-01 TIP UT100
Our Price: $17.70
70-01-02 TIP UT100
Our Price: $17.70
Tip, Spade, 2mm Diameter Tip, Tapered Needle, 1mm Dia. (Std. w/UT-100-TC/Si-TC/SiP) Tip, Chisel, 3.3mm Diameter (Standard)
Master Appliance 70-40U Master Appliance HAS-043K Master Appliance 80-04U
Our Price: $27.75
Our Price: $29.54
Storage Box, Metal  (Standard w/UT-100 / UT-100SiK) Element, 120V Replacement burner for UT-100
Master Appliance 20013 Master Appliance UT-40SI Master Appliance UT-50
20013 ELEMENT 10008
Our Price: $36.35
Our Price: $66.00
Our Price: $109.00
Element, 120V, 650░F, 475W (Silver)

Ultratorch® UT-40Si Soldering Iron/Heat Tool

  • Ultratorch soldering tips feature Ultratip┬« Technology, the long lasting, oxygen-fee, copper based, iron and chrome plated tip with a built-in catalyst, pre-tinned with lead-free solder.
  • UT-40Si is a soldering iron and flameless heat tool
  • Butane powered for portability
  • Convenient slide switch ignition system for quick ignition
  • Adjustable temperature lever for temperatures up to 1200┬░F, equivalent to a 20-80 watt soldering iron
  • Compact, light weight and easy to use
  • Patented gas catalyst reaction system
  • UL & GS/TUV Listed for user safety
  • Use to pinpoint heat, remove surface mount components, repair vinyl, shrink heat shrinkable tubing, solder & desolder, spot dry, strip insulation with hot knife and more

Ultratorch® UT-50 Soldering Iron/Heat Tool

  • Standard with protective cap, soldering and heat tip
  • Pen-sized heat tool fits in your shirt pocket for absolute portability. No outlets required.
  • Aluminum fuel tank with viewing window to indicate fuel level
  • Optional tips and accessories available
  • Operates for approximately 20 minutes at #3 setting
  • UL & GS/TUV Listed for user safety
  • Use to pinpoint heat, remove surface mount components, repair vinyl, shrink heat shrink tubing, solder and desolder, spot dry, torch materials and more
Master Appliance 10008 Master Appliance UT-100SI Master Appliance HG-751B
10008 HEAT GUN
Our Price: $119.00
Our Price: $130.00
Our Price: $157.00

Master-Mite Heat Gun

A continuous duty bench-top heating system

  • Complete system comes standard with 650┬░F heating element, adjustable heat gun stand and heat shrink attachment
  • Ideal heat & air flow (3.8 CFM), performs bench top heating jobs without excess air flow, wonÔÇÖt blow components around work station
  • Quiet running motor, eliminates noisy production areas
  • 3 optional easy-to-change plug-in heating elements available: 500┬░, 650┬░ & 800┬░F
  • Adjustable heat gun is used to activate adhesive, cure epoxies, dry components, melt solder performs, remove decals, shrink tubing and more

Ultratorch® UT-100Si Soldering Iron/Heat Tool

  • Standard with soldering tip, heat tip, spanner wrench, open end wrench, shrink attachment and protective cap
  • Lighter in weight than competitive models, making it easy to hold and use over extended periods of time
  • Built-in fuel filter for consistent fuel ignition
  • Adjustable temperature up to 1200┬░F
  • Built-in window indicates fuel level
  • Dual function soldering iron and heat tool
  • Optional accessories available and interchangeable between UT-100 and UT-100Si
  • UL & GS/TUV Listed for user safety
  • Use to pinpoint heat, remove surface mount components, repair vinyl, shrink heat shrink tubing, solder and desolder, spot dry, and more
Professional quality, heavy-duty industrial, multiple use 120V heat gun HG-751B
  • High temperature and power ratings: 1000┬░F/540┬░C at 1740 watts, accommodates many industrial and commercial heating applications
  • High air flow rating: 23 CFM at 3000 FPM gets the job done fast
  • Powerful high speed universal motor
  • Sturdy die cast housing
  • Adjustable non-slip stand
  • Use to bend plastics, cure adhesives, dry parts, heat parts, shrink tubing and packaging, strip paint and more
  • Optional Momentary Contact Switch turns heat gun off when operator is not pressing it. To order, add "MC" suffix to the model number. Example: HG-501A-MC