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If you have ever tried to wire a network cable yourself without the proper electronic tools, you understand the frustration it involves. Small connectors and intricate wiring must be installed correctly for electricity or data to flow. Pick up an industrial flashlight from Hutch & Son to light your way around dark device corners. Sometimes you can't remove parts to see your internal work space.

Install that network adapter rapidly with an RJ45 crimper. Using this tool, the wires conform perfectly to the connector's contacts, making the network free from intermittent problems. If you need to customize any networking portion, a wire crimping tool keeps fine wires from becoming damaged during installation or configuration.

A strong heat gun is a perfect addition to any home or business. Heat shrink wrap to form around an electrical connection. The wrap remains perfectly formed around the area with no slippage. Electrical tape can never perform the same job. Keep the right tools around you for successful electronic alterations.

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dioptre: 10
   dimensions lens: Ø 0.98"
   dimensions magnifier: Ø 1.97" x 1.77"
   weight: 1.27 oz
magnification factor: 6
       Ø glass: 1.0"
       length tweezers: 2.4"
   weight: 1.1oz
magnetizes / demagnetizes all kind of tools
* screwdriver not included
71916; # 6 SPANNER BITS
Our Price: $2.14
Our Price: $2.49
Spanner Bit #6 X 25mm Standard replacement Jaws for 303 and 304 Vise Heads as well as 301 and 381 Vise Combos material: zinc-plated steel
       M2x12mm: 20pcs
       M2x19mm: 20pcs
       M3x12mm: 20pcs
       M3x19mm: 20pcs
       M4x12mm: 20pcs
       M4x25mm: 10pcs
   full nuts:
       M2: 40pcs
       M3: 40pcs
       M4: 30pcs
       M2: 40pcs
       M3: 40pcs
       M4: 30pcs
Great for modifying cell phones and game consoles like NDS, NDS Lite�and Wii. This magnetic wristband gives you quick and easy access to small metal parts like screws, nuts, bolts and bits.
No more digging around for parts in your pockets.
The one-size-fits-all wristband fastens with a simple hook and loop closure.
1 bent nose, 1 flat spade, 1 self-closing and 1 normal
   anti-magnetic stainless steel
carbon steel, hardened
black oxide finish
4.9 inches
TIP,SCREWDRIVER,1/32" 3/16 x 700 CT5 Series Screwdriver Tip for W60P & W60P3 Soldering Iron
WIHA TOOLS 26015 Platinum Tools 100004BL
Our Price: $4.80
single magnifying glass: 2.2x
   double magnifying glass: 3.3x
   weight: 3.5oz
Precision Slotted 1.5 (1/16) X 40mm Replacement Trimming Blade for EZ-RJ45 Cavity, 2 Pack
Energizer 1251L Platinum Tools 19001C
telescopic: extendable to 2.6 ft.
   strong magnet that can carry up to 2.2kg/5lbs
   with LED light: turn head clockwise for LED illumination
   comfortable hand grip
INDUSTRIAL LED FLASHLIGHT; Battery Size Code:D; Body Material:Polypropylene; Color:Yellow; Features:Durable, waterproof, non-conductive, tough This versatile tool is a must have for any tool belt. No more searching for the right tool! Double-ended reversible bits with ball detent retention. S2 alloy steel bits for long life. Molded, ergonomic high impact plastic handle.  Includes #1 & #2 Phillips.  Includes #5 & #7 Slotted.  Includes 1/4" & 5/16" Nut Drivers.
Greenlee PA1901
Amber Stubby Handle for Series 99 Interchangeable Blades ideal for: small soldering irons
   with cleaning sponge
WIHA TOOLS 26525 Quest Technology TEL-6110
Precision Nut Driver 2.5 X 60mm 110 PUNCH BLADE UTP ECONOMY STRIPPER 5/16 x 3 Fixed Handle Nutdriver, Amber Handle, Drilled Shaft
Greenlee PA1913 Greenlee PA1915
when 2 hands are not enough
   with magnifier, dioptre 2.5
Platt Luggage PB300
PB300; Divider Box
Our Price: $7.68
Our Price: $7.90
6.625"x3.375"x1.25", DIVIDER BOX, 6 DIVIDERS 7 Series 99 Interchangeable Blade Extension contents: specialized soldering aids to protect your heat-sensitive components: knife and brushes, scraper and hooks, fork and spikes