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CAR CHARGER FOR LG Nokia car charger 5100/6100/8810
Energizer PC-1WA Energizer CHFCV
Our Price: $18.36
small, lightweight dual USB adapter
   overload and short-circuit protected
   thermal cut-off
   ideal for Apple® products such as iPod, iPhone®, iPad® and various devices such as Tablet PC's, gps, smartphones.
Energizer's USB Charger has a sleek, lightweight and compact design with fold-down plug blades for easy portability, turning your wall outlet into a charging station. This single universal device is a critical tool that helps you get thru the day fully powered.  Output DC5V 1Amp. Universal Battery Charger Charges Multiple Combinations of AA AAA CD Or 9V NiMH Batteries Overnight
Power-Sonic PSC-6300-A-C
Get rid of those bulky power-hungry heat-producing mains adapters.
These adaptors use state-of-the-art switching power supplies and feature some major advantages such as:
- cooler running
- stabilized output
- short-circuit and overload protection
- compact design
- very low idling consumption
This travel charger offers a convenient way of recharging your mobile phone battery, MP3 player, PDA, GPS and other devices using a conventional indoor AC outlet, car plug or the USB port of your PC.

   ultimate 3-in-1 kit:
       AC adapter
       car charger
       USB charger
   comes with 5 adapters to suit different mobile phones
   lightweight and compact design is ideal for travelers
   maintains constant voltage when charging
   comes with 5 plugs for: Nokia, Sony/Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens and Samsung
   e13 approved
Charges up most rechargeable batteries including AA, AAA, 9 Volt, and Button Top (Li-Ion). C-Series Switch Mode Charger for SLA Batteries 6 Volt 300mA Rating
Power-Sonic PSC-12300A-C Power-Sonic PSC-12500A-C Power-Sonic PSC-12800A-C
C-Series Switch Mode Charger for SLA Batteries 12 Volt 300mA Rating C-Series Switch Mode Charger for SLA Batteries 12 Volt 500mA Rating C-Series Switch Mode Charger for SLA Batteries 12 Volt 800mA Rating
Power-Sonic MCA12C Fluke PM8907/813
Our Price: $52.42
Our Price: $99.99
The Battery Sitter is the most advanced fully automatic battery optimizer and maintainer for all 12V batteries. This includes dry-charged (MF) and sealed (WET) maintenance free types. CAMCORDER CHARGER POWER ADAPTER/BATTERY CHARGER
Power-Sonic PSC-124000A-C
C-Series Switch Mode Charger for SLA Batteries 12 Volt 4 Amp Rating