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CAR CHARGER FOR LG Nokia car charger 5100/6100/8810 small, lightweight dual USB adapter
   overload and short-circuit protected
   thermal cut-off
   ideal for Apple® products such as iPod, iPhone®, iPad® and various devices such as Tablet PC's, gps, smartphones.
Energizer PC-1WA Energizer CHFCV
Our Price: $18.49
Energizer's USB Charger has a sleek, lightweight and compact design with fold-down plug blades for easy portability, turning your wall outlet into a charging station. This single universal device is a critical tool that helps you get thru the day fully powered.  Output DC5V 1Amp. Universal Battery Charger Charges Multiple Combinations of AA AAA CD Or 9V NiMH Batteries Overnight Get rid of those bulky power-hungry heat-producing mains adapters.
These adaptors use state-of-the-art switching power supplies and feature some major advantages such as:
- cooler running
- stabilized output
- short-circuit and overload protection
- compact design
- very low idling consumption
This travel charger offers a convenient way of recharging your mobile phone battery, MP3 player, PDA, GPS and other devices using a conventional indoor AC outlet, car plug or the USB port of your PC.

   ultimate 3-in-1 kit:
       AC adapter
       car charger
       USB charger
   comes with 5 adapters to suit different mobile phones
   lightweight and compact design is ideal for travelers
   maintains constant voltage when charging
   comes with 5 plugs for: Nokia, Sony/Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens and Samsung
   e13 approved
Power-Sonic PSC-6300-A-C Power-Sonic PSC-12300A-C
Charges up most rechargeable batteries including AA, AAA, 9 Volt, and Button Top (Li-Ion). C-Series Switch Mode Charger for SLA Batteries 6 Volt 300mA Rating C-Series Switch Mode Charger for SLA Batteries 12 Volt 300mA Rating
Power-Sonic PSC-12500A-C Power-Sonic PSC-12800A-C Power-Sonic MCA12C
C-Series Switch Mode Charger for SLA Batteries 12 Volt 500mA Rating C-Series Switch Mode Charger for SLA Batteries 12 Volt 800mA Rating The Battery Sitter is the most advanced fully automatic battery optimizer and maintainer for all 12V batteries. This includes dry-charged (MF) and sealed (WET) maintenance free types.
Fluke PM8907/813 Power-Sonic PSC-124000A-C
Our Price: $52.42
Our Price: $99.99
CAMCORDER CHARGER POWER ADAPTER/BATTERY CHARGER C-Series Switch Mode Charger for SLA Batteries 12 Volt 4 Amp Rating