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HSI HS1149 HSI HS150202 HSI HS1150
DB9F-RJ11/RJ12 (HS1150)
Our Price: $1.35
DIY solution for using 6pin RJ12 cables to extend your Serial (DB9) connections, 6 conductors Black, 1.5 inch DIY solution for using 6pin RJ12 cables to extend your Serial (DB9) connections. 6 conductors.
HSI HS271001 HSI HS271002 HSI HS1158
DB9 M/M Mini Gender Changer DB9 F/F Mini Gender Changer DIY solution for using 8 conductor CAT5 cables to extend your Parallel (DB25) connections.  8 pin adapter.
HSI HS2171 HSI HS180240 HSI HS180241
PS2 (MDIN6M) to USB Female Converter convert PS2 port to USB port.  You can use USB mouse in PS2 port DB9-M/DB25-F Serial Port Adapter DB9-F/DB25-M Serial Port Adapter
HSI HS180243 HSI HS271005 HSI HS271006
DB9-F/DB25-F Serial Port Adapter, Screw/Nut DB25 M/M Mini Gender Changer DB25 F/F Mini Gender Changer
HSI HS150205 HSI HS150206 HSI HS150207
HSI HS271003 HSI HS271004 HSI HS2209
DB15HD M/M Mini Gender Changer DB15HD F/F Mini Gender Changer USB Male to PS2 (MDIN6F) Converter convert USB port to PS2 port.
HSI HS1117
70-094B; VGA Adapter
Our Price: $3.14
Connect two male 6-pin Mini-DIN plugs together with this gender changer. The 6-pin Mini-DIN connector is most commonly used for the PS2 mouse and keyboard connectors, but is used for many other applications, including the Saitek x52 throttle connection, Klipsch 2.1 channel audio connectors, Chatterbox headsets, and Radio Shack CCTV camera/motion sensors. VGA ADAPTER Mouse adapter for connecting older serial mice to PS/2 ports.
HSI HS1144
GENDER CHANGER 15M-M 2 ROWS GENDER CHANGER 15F-F 2 ROWS VGA legacy display adapter
HSI HS1142 HSI HS150408
Parallel to Centronics printer adapter for legacy print devices. This adapter connects to a Dual Link DVI-A or DVI-I connection on a video card. It produces a standard VGA/SVGA output signal for use with standard analog VGA monitors. Newer PC and laptop are no longer equipped with PS/2 port.  This adapter allows the use of your good old mouse and keyboard on the USB port of your new machine.
HDMI FEMALE TO DVI MALE ADAPTER Cables included This USB to Serial converter allows you to connect a RS-232 serial device such as a modem to a USB port on your Desktop or Laptop PC