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Channel Master CM-1810 Flat Panel Outdoor HDTV Antenna 40dB; HS204238 Channel Master 2016

18 gauge galvanized steel, For attic, rooftop, chimney, and wall installations. CANNOT SHIP. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY

No contract / No subscription / No monthly fee
1080p HDTV reception
40db super high gain reception
Low profile flat panel design
The Channel Master CM-2016 is a compact outdoor TV antenna that is engineered to receive high quality digital / HDTV broadcast over channels 7 to 51. Since most broadcasts after the February 2009 analog shutoff will be made on channels 7 to 51, the CM-2016 is a perfect choice. Note: For low band channels 2 to 6, oversized antennas will be needed. Reception Range Channels 7 thru 69, HD, HF/VHF HIGH Up to 35 miles; Antenna Size (L x W x H) 36.5 x 47 x 22 in; Turning Radius 34 in; Number of Elements 22; CEA Classifi cation MD; Matching Transformer (Included); (Included) 75 Ohm; Channel Gain Beamwidth, F/B; 7 2 Multi-directional; 9 0 Multi-directional; 11 2 Multi-directional; 13 2 Multi-directional; 14 5.5 60 deg, 17 db; 19 6.5 68 deg, 11 db; 27 6.3 27 deg, 12 db; 35 8.1 19 deg, 11 db; 43 8.9 41 deg, 9 db; 52 9.2 41 deg, 12 db; 60 9.5 37 deg, 13 db
CHANNEL MASTER 3000HD Channel Master 4220MHD Channel Master 3016
The Channel Master SMARTenna CM3000HD is a high performance HDTV antenna designed for indoor or outdoor use up to 35 miles from your local TV stations transmitter. Using the same proven technology as the original CM-3000A, the new CM-3000HD has been technologically enhanced to provide improved performance while reducing the size and eliminating the need for amplification in most installations. In addition to enhanced performance and reliability, the CM-3000HD was also designed with the consumer in mind with an aesthetically pleasing design, not to mention it comes with both a simple table top stand for indoors and a very versatile mounting bracket for easy outdoor mounting. Just like it's predecessor, the SMARTenna still boasts an omnidirectional design allowing for reliable signal from multiple directions without the need of rotation. The SMARTenna is a SMART choice for anyone that is relatively close to the broadcasters and needs a quick and easy solution to receive FREE HDTV channels from all directions. Reception Range: Up to 30 miles Reception Range Channels 2 thru 69, Up to 45 miles HD, and FM Antenna Size (L x W x H) 66 x 83.6 x 22 in Turning Radius 44 in Number of Elements 24 CEA1 MD
Channel Master 4221HD Channel Master 3018 CM Channel Master 9521A
Designed and tested for high quality HDTV digital and UHF reception. Easy installation - Unfold, mount, and connect.  Long lasting, durable design: - Heavy duty aluminum elements - UV stabilized plastics - 75 Ohm PC balun built into antenna.  Easily mounts to a traditional antenna mast (sold separately) Rooftop, eave, or wall mountable.  Transparent design Reception Range Channels 14 thru 69, Up to 45 miles and HD Antenna Size (L x W x H) 5.5 x 24.5 x 33 in Turning Radius 12.25 in CEA LD Reception Range Channels 2 thru 69, Up to 60 miles HD, and FM Antenna Size (L x W x H) 113.25 x 95 x 22 in Turning Radius 57.9 in Number of Elements 30 CEA1 LD The Channel Master 9521A Rotator and Controller is the industry standard for TV antenna rotators. Continual engineering ensures powerful control, long life, and precision tuning of your TV antenna. This high quality complete rotator system will surely aid your outdoor TV antenna in receiving television programming from many directions. This system includes a rotator drive unit, the control unit, and an infra-red remote control.